A game of 3TC cricket consists of 36 overs divided into two halves of 18 overs each. In the first half, each team faces 6 overs from one of their opponents. In the second half of the game each team resumes batting, facing another 6 overs, but this time from their other opponents.
The result is an unrelenting and ever-changing contest that keeps captains (and fans) on a knife-edge as they strategise against two opponents at the same time!
With fewer players in each team (and thus fewer fielders) every player is actively involved in the game from the first ball to the last.
Then there's the rule whereby the last remaining not-out batter continues batting without a batting partner. The catch? He can only trade in boundaries and twos since retaining the strike is non-negotiable.
There is also a 90 over version of the 3TC format for those who want to involve more players for longer. In the 90 over version, 3 teams of 11 players battle it out. Each team faces a total of 30 overs split between two periods of 15 overs apiece from each of the other two teams in the match. Non-stop action, supersized!